Elaine Chao: How The Trump Administration Is Promoting Self-Driving Cars, Drones

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LAS VEGAS — U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao made an appearance at CES this week to show that the Trump administration wants to help promote innovation in self-driving cars and drones through working with the private sector and reducing regulations.

X “We know that there are so many outdated and duplicative regulations that really hamper the growth of innovation,” Chao told Investor’s Business Daily. “We want to have the public and relevant stakeholders tell us what they are so that we can begin to do something about them so that we can promote innovation.”

While at CES, Chao announced updates to the DOT’s drone pilot program as well as issued multiple official Requests for Comment and Information to “identify which regulations, parts of regulations or terminology need to be updated to allow for innovation to move forward.”

Chao also emphasized that the Trump administration does not believe in a “top-down approach,” but instead wants to work with the private sector “to ensure innovation flourishes.”



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There will not be a December General SETT meeting.

SETT 2nd Annual Breakfast

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SETT Legislative Breakfast

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SH360 South Project – July 2017 Update

SETT General Meetings

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Tarrant Regional Transportation Coalition

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Who We Are

We are employees who face longer commutes to and from work every day, taking away precious time with loved ones.

We are business leaders who lose more than $4 billion annually in wasted productivity and fuel.

We are elected officials and citizens worried about air quality and safety in our communities.

We are TRTC – a broad-based, non-profit group committed to finding solutions to the mobility challenges facing the western half of the DFW Metroplex.

Our goal is to spur conversation amongst friends, neighbors, business colleagues, local leaders and state government officials about our region’s urgent mobility needs – roadways, commuter rail and freight rail. Through these conversations, a unified voice can emerge, leading to increased investment in transportation and more efficient movement of people and goods across the western half of the Metroplex.

To view the impressive roster of community leaders who are already leading the conversation, please click here.

What We Do

To secure the efficient movement of goods and people across the western half of the Metroplex, TRTC undertakes several initiatives:

  • Monthly Meetings. Concerned citizens, business leaders and elected officials meet monthly for insider briefings from key transportation agencies and special guest presenters. We share ideas about solving the mobility crisis and taking action. Learn when and where you can join us or view past presentations.
  • Legislative Advocacy. TRTC maintains an ongoing dialogue with elected officials – visiting with legislators, sending delegations to Austin, holding town-hall-style forums that offer access to dignitaries, and orchestrating letter-writing campaigns to influence critical issues. Help ensure that your elected officials hear the case for transportation investment – loud and clear.
  • Public Education. To improve mobility, we need the support of the people – citizens, business leaders and landowners. That’s why we devote many resources to galvanizing our neighbors, colleagues and friends – delivering presentations to community groups, holding public awareness events and staging communications campaigns. Won’t you join our conversation and help spread the word?

NTTA Board Meetings

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NTTA strives to keep North Texas citizens aware of the most current information on organizational initiatives through open board meetings at 10 a.m. on the third Wednesday of each month at the Plano headquarters. The public, news media and other stakeholders are able to address the Board of Directors with questions or concerns during this time.

NTTA carries a live broadcast of board meetings as well as occasional public involvement meetings. Video of meetings will be available within 24 hours of each meeting and an archive of previous meetings is available for viewing.

Regional Transportation Council Meetings

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The Regional Transportation Council is the independent transportation policy body of the Metropolitan Planning Organization. The RTC meets the second Thursday of each month, and the RTC’s 44 members include local elected or appointed officials from the metropolitan area and representatives from each of the area’s transportation providers. The RTC oversees the metropolitan transportation planning process. Primary activities:

  • Guiding the development of multimodal transportation plans and programs.
  • Determining the allocation of federal, state and regional transportation funds.
  • Selecting transportation projects in some programs and recommending projects to the Texas Transportation Commission for other programs.
  • Ensuring transportation providers coordinate services.
  • Ensuring the metropolitan area complies with state and federal laws and regulations regarding transportation and air quality.

Texas considering 19 new congestion-relief projects

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