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SH 360 is one step closer to congestion relief!

SH 360 is one step closer to congestion relief!

Read the Texas Department of Transportation Press Release here: “360 info

TxDOT Taking Steps to Further Explore High-Speed Rail

Jan 28, 14 • SETTP NewsNo Comments

As the potential for high-speed rail projects in Texas draws more interest than it has in decades, the Texas Department of Transportation is moving forward this week on two different efforts to give the concept a fair shake.

The Texas Transportation Commission is expected to vote Thursday at its monthly meeting on the creation of a high-speed rail commission focused on the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Separately, TxDOT is holding a series of public meetings around Texas and Oklahoma, starting this week, to hear comments on a study looking at the feasibility of high-speed rail projects between Oklahoma City and South Texas.

Texas Transportation Commissioner Victor Vandergriff stressed that the two initiatives should not be interpreted as a decision by TxDOT to develop any high-speed rail projects in Texas.

“We have not yet discussed a broader charge with respect to transportation policy and funding,” Vandergriff said Friday in Dallas at the Southwestern Rail Conference, which was hosted by Texas Rail Advocates. “The Legislature sets our course for that.”

The new high-speed rail commission will advise state transportation officials on “the development of intercity rail corridors, new transportation policies, and funding and procurement strategies as they relate to the implementation of proposed high-speed rail connecting the Dallas and Fort Worth areas,” according to TxDOT’s agenda for the meeting.

“It is a limited purpose and scope assignment,” Vandergriff said. “It is not an indication that there is any funding for high-speed rail.”

Officials in the Dallas-Fort Worth area have seen renewed interest in developing a commuter rail line linking the two cities, plus a third stop in Arlington, with a private high-speed rail line in development from Dallas to Houston. Texas Central High-Speed Railway, the Japanese-backed firm that plans to construct the project without public funding, is expected to file federal documents in April that will include more details of the project, including the preferred route. The Federal Railroad Administration is participating in separate environmental impact studies on a Dallas-to-Houston high-speed rail project and a Fort Worth-Dallas project.

Vandergriff confirmed a report in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that Bill Meadows, a former state transportation commissioner and former Fort Worth City Council member, is likely to be tapped to lead the commission.

TxDOT launched its Texas-Oklahoma Passenger Rail Study last year to take a wide-angle look at the impact of potential rail service projects between Oklahoma City and the Texas-Mexico border. This month, TxDOT officials announced plans to expand the scope of the study south, to Monterrey, Mexico, to account for interest in building a high-speed rail line between Monterrey and San Antonio.

At Friday’s rail conference in Dallas, TxDOT Rail Director Erik Steavens predicted the study would guide future efforts to develop various passenger rail services with the potential to serve millions of passengers along a route that stretches more than 800 miles.

“I think this is a landmark, historic watershed moment,” Steavens said. “What we’re going to be doing is having discussions with people on how do we implement segments of this plan that can work with either a governmental agency or the private sector.”

Starting this week, TxDOT is hosting public meetings in six Texas cities to hear thoughts about the study. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation will also host meetings on the study in Ardmore and Oklahoma City next week.

“We’re working very hard to get these studies together so, in the event of public funds available, we’re ready,” Craig Moody, the rail programs division manager with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, said at Friday’s rail conference.

Extension of Texas Highway 360 south of Green Oaks Boulevard to US Highway 287

Dec 19, 13 • Progress, SETTP NewsNo Comments

In separate votes yesterday and this morning, the North Texas Tollway Authority and the Texas Transportation Commission approved an agreement to build this section as toll road, with TxDOT contributing $300 million to the project and being repaid, over time, from tolls collected by NTTA. If the project costs exceed $300 million, NTTA and the Regional Transportation Council have agreed to provide a financial “backstop” to cover the additional costs.


TxDOT’s approval this morning was a minute order, not a final agreement. The deadline for getting all the details in writing and approved by all agencies is February 28, 2014.

RTC Resolution Approving Regional Transportation Council Financial Backstop for the SH 360 Loan

Dec 17, 13 • Progress, SETTP NewsNo Comments

RTC Resolution Approving Regional Transportation Council Financial Backstop for the SH 360 Loan that was approved at the December 5, 2013, RTC meeting. The SH 360 negotiations have moved on to the North Texas Tollway Authority for its Board meeting on December 18 and the Texas Transportation Commission for its meeting on December 19.
Final Resolution SH360 signed 12-05-2013

Memorandum of Understanding

Oct 14, 13 • SETTP NewsNo Comments

Memorandum of Understanding

There is a potential TxDOT/NTTA memorandum of understanding to deliver SH 360 as a public-public partnership.  The initial SH 360 toll project is defined as a staged toll road extending from the end of the current expressway to Broad Street as a four-lane toll road, and a two-lane (commonly called a Super 2) from Broad Street to U.S. 287.  The initial project will also include completion of the remaining frontage road at the south end of the project.

NTTA’s board approved the MOU in January 2013. The Texas Transportation Commission approved the MOU at its February meeting. The project is currently in the environmental clearance process.

Environmental Assessment

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Environmental Assessment

The SH 360 Draft EA is under review by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

TxDot Public Notice of Public Hearing

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TxDot Public Notice of Public Hearing:

SH360 Corridor:
Construction was completed in 2012 on intersection improvements to remove a bottleneck on SH 360 at SH 180/Division Street and the Union Pacific Railroad. Currently, the region has limited funding and has not been able to identify further funding for SH 360 from I-20 to I-30, including a new I-30/SH 360 interchange.

The Texas Transportation Commission issued $12 million in Proposition 12 bonds for engineering design on SH 360 from Brown Boulevard to I-20. This allows this project to be shovel ready once construction funds are identified.

On SH 360 south of I-20 to U.S. 287 in Ellis County, the North Texas Tollway Authority has shown interest in developing SH 360 main lanes as a toll facility and conducted a public meeting in June 2010. An environmental public hearing is expected to be conducted in 2013.