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RTC Meeting – January 8, 2015

The highlight of the January 8, 2015 RTC meeting was the discussion of Proposition 1 funding and the presentation of the list of projects for RTC’s approval/recommendation possibly as soon as February 2015 RTC meeting. The following notes are the high points and do not reflect the total conversation:
• Future allocations to the fund will be dependent on oil prices
• Project selection was arrived at by the six guiding principals
1. Use Formula allocation
2. Bottom-up approach to project development.
3. Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MOPs) have broad-based, collaborative public involvement procedures that involve TxDOT.
4. Project selection should come from the regions.
5. Legislature should give greater flexibility to TxDOT to get projects ready.
6. Greater focus on transportation system versus projects, creating opportunities for statewide benefits.
• Projects funded with 2015 funds need to be let by December 2015.
• No supplanting of existing project funds.
• All counties may receive a project by year four.
• Project must have the environmental cleared
• Project must be in the MTP
• Funding can be used on projects with funding short falls.
• Projects will focus on capacity rather than maintenance.
• Review/ maintain E-W equity for the region.
• The DFW region is anticipated to receive about $367.6 million in year one.

The spreadsheet that was presented to the RTC revealed that the IH 30/SH 360 interchange project has a cost estimate of $254,000,000. Of which $114,500,000 is planned for CY 2015 and $114,500,000 is planned for CY 2016. The remaining $25 million will come from another source possibly through CMAQ funding.

IH 35 Widening

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Interstate 35 West is in the process of being widened between downtown Ft. Worth and IH 820 interchange. Groundbreaking occurred in May 2014. Right-of-way acquisition is on-going prior to construction as are utility relocations. TxDOT expects completion in late 2018.

RTC Meeting – November 13, 2014

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The RTC at their November 13, 2014 meeting endorsed the following Transportation legislation to be introduced at the 84th Legislative Session:
• Provide appropriate authority to counties based upon a request by the county commissioner’s court, including limited land use authority, to ensure the provision of adequate infrastructure and protect the health, welfare and property values in rapidly growing unincorporated areas.
• Support the accommodation of integrated, multimodal travel on all roadway facilities on new and redevelopment projects, including vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians.
• Support existing funding programs/initiatives that maintain or increase current investments in bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and non-infrastructure projects.

SH 360/IH 30 Interchange

A Public Meeting was held by TxDOT on December 2, 2014 to offer an opportunity for the public to discuss and make comments regarding proposed improvements to IH 30 from Cooper Street to SH 161 including the SH 360/IH 30 interchange. In addition, TxDOT provided two options for an interchange on IH 30 at Great Southwest Parkway which will greatly serve the Great Southwest Industrial District.

DFW Rail Service

The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and TxDOT hosted an agency scoping meeting regarding the Dallas to Ft. Worth Passenger Express Service Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Project at the NCTCOG on October 22, 2014 to receive comments and suggestions regarding the scope of the Project. FRA and TXDOT provided information pertaining to the purpose and need, study area, logical termini and schedule. They hope to complete the EIS and receive a Record of Decision by mid-2018.

Proposition 1/Early Voting

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Starting this week with early voting, Texans can make difference in the future of transportation in our region by voting for Proposition 1.

Prop 1 gives the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) a boost of $1.7 billion annually, which is the single largest revenue increase to the State Highway Fund in Texas history – without new taxes, tolls or fees – that can only be used for construction, maintenance, rehabilitation and acquiring right-of-way for public roads. These funds cannot be used for toll roads.

Voting for Prop 1 does not solve the entire transportation funding problem, but it is a major step in the right direction to ensure that our economy thrives, and that our infrastructure is improved for generations to come.

As you head to the polls, encourage your friends to do the same and vote in favor of Prop 1 on November 4.


To learn more about Prop 1, click here.

Powerpoint from October 8, 2014 General Meeting; Presented by Christie Gotti

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Powerpoint from October 8, 2014 General Meeting; Presented by Christie Gotti

2014Oct08 Prop 1 & TR Projects in Tarrant Co

Proposition 1

Proposition 1: “The constitutional amendment providing for the use and dedication of certain money transferred to the state highway fund to assist in the completion of transportation construction, maintenance, and rehabilitation projects, not to include toll roads.”

which includes the following facts,

  • Funds can be used for new construction and preservation of the state highway system.
  • Funds cannot be used for toll roads.
  • Does not raise taxes, fees or debt on citizens or businesses.
  • Requires TxDOT to identify $100 million in savings.
  • Begins to pay down the state’s debt.
  • Ensures the “Rainy Day Fund” maintains a sufficient balance.


If approved, TxDOT will be able to receive about $1.7 billion for projects throughout Texas. The Texas Transportation Commission was briefed on this topic at the Texas Transportation Commission meeting held August 28, 2014 in Dallas, Texas  by TxDOT staff and NCTCOG regarding possible projects in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area including the interchange at SH 360 and IH 30 ($206 million) which is very important to Tarrant County as well as to the Ft. Worth District Engineer and a member of the Commission, both of have publically stated that the project is at the top of their priority list. 

NTTA – August 20, 2014 Meeting

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Action Item 17:  Regional Tolling Servbies Agreement with the Texas Department of Transportation for NTTA’s porvision of tolling services under Section 366.038 of the Texas Transportation Code.


Item Summary:  The Board made a motion that was approved to discuss this matter int he executive session.  The Board returned to regular meeting and approved this item by Resolution No. 14-81.


Click here to see resolution 14-81

RTC – August 14, 2014 Meeting

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Item Summary: The Regional Transportation Council (RTC) was briefed on Texas Transportation Commission items related to SH 360 and the Regional Tolling Services Agreement (TSA).  RTC action was requested to approve:  1) principles guiding the development of a Regional TSA between the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA), 2) the concept of a streamlined approach based on trust and partnership, and 3) a recommendation that the NTTA and the Commission approve a Regional TSA which incorporates these principles.


Background:   In June, the Commission deferred action on permitting TxDOT to issue a Request for Proposals for the SH 360 project.  At the same meeting, the Commission approved an interim TSA for the DFW Connector project and directed TxDOT to work with NTTA and RTC staffs to develop a Regional TSA that would cover TxDOT managed lanes and design-build projects.  In July, the RTC approved sending a letter to the Commission to reiterate the importance of SH 360 given RTC’s financial backstop commitment and to instruct staff to work with TxDOT and NTTA on the Regional TSA.  The TSA is the agreement between TxDOT and NTTA that governs the tolling services provided by NTTA as required by law and identifies the associated compensation.

TxDOT, NTTA, and RTC staffs have developed a streamlined Regional TSA for the NTTA Board and Commission consideration at their meetings in August.  Reference Item 6 contains the principles developed by the working group that are incorporated in to the Regional TSA.  With the development of these principles, the Commission in July authorized the issuance on the RFP for the SH 360 Project.